We love a good party. Since Zyia is such a new brand, my goal is to spread the word to as many people as I possibly can. That is where Zyia experiences come in. There are a number of different ways to bring your friends and family together to learn more about Zyia, shop if they would like, and most importantly have fun! Some people prefer to just have a shopping link they can text to people. Whatever is your jam, we are game. We just appreciate any way we can connect with others who might love wearing these clothes like you and I do. The best part of sharing or hosting is you're building up rewards to get free and half-off clothes. I also do all of the work besides connecting and my goal is for everyone to have a great time. Something we can all use now more than ever. Zyia experiences are a win-win! 

Zyia Experiences

Ways to Party

Here are some of the zyia experiences available




  • In-Person Beauty Bash or Health + Wellness Event: These are private events to invite friends to where they can shop and participate in other fun activities! As a host, you receive the Zyia rewards based on sales {see details below}.
  • Post and Share a Personal  Shopping Link:  Get a customized link to share with others and earn rewards.
  • Text Party: you either provide friend's cell phones or you text a few posts about Zyia along with your personal shopping link.
  • Zoom Party: have a set 30 minute to an hour zoom party where your friends can come to learn more about Zyia, have a mini styling class, win prizes, network and more. 

For all events, you receive rewards to use toward Zyia based on your sales {see chart below}. 


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