Zyia Active is a direct sales company that launched in February 2017. It’s an active lifestyle brand, offering premium fitness wear and athleisure apparel for women, men, and children. Zyia was founded by women and strongly believes in empowering and uplifting each other. 

Zyia advocates working hard for what you want - but also believes that work should be fun and rewarding. The company is made up of Independent Representatives who share and promote the brand’s products and message. Zyia’s pay plan was developed to provide the most financial success possible from the ground level. The growth structure is designed around teamwork, allowing anyone who is brand new to this type of business the same chance at success as those who started when the company launched.  

Zyia’s activewear collection is designed with styles, colors, and patterns that are on trend with today’s market. All pieces of the line are made from top quality materials - designed for high-level fitness performance and everyday comfort. Strategic and thoughtful placement of seams, colors, zippers, and hems create flattering and slimming clothing that you’ll not just wear for working out. 

Zyia is taking the activewear market by storm. The brand launches new products every Wednesday, so the collection is always up-to-date with seasonal looks and styles. 

Zyia Active

More about Zyia Active

More about Zyia active

As soon as your kit has been purchased, you'll receive an email from Zyia on how to setup your back office, which includes your website. You can begin selling immediately! The starter kit cost can be made back within one month if you're actively selling but this can vary from rep to rep. Most reps do well with a business launch party.

How long will it take to earn back my investment?

No. What makes Zyia so amazing is they don’t require monthly minimums to stay active! Instead, you have 6 month blocks to hit your minimum requirement. That means if you don’t sell anything for several months you’re still considered an “active rep.” They have also kept the minimum low so it is extremely attainable.
They require $300PV between January-June, and $300PV between July-December. The bonus is that your kit and anything you purchase with your discount counts toward this number, which is awesome!

Is there a monthly minimum to stay active?

Zyia reps get 25% off everything! 💃🏼

What is the rep discount?

Nope! Once you buy your starter kit you are a rep. Zyia doesn’t charge any monthly or yearly fees to be a member. There is a website fee but that can be waived (see below).

Is there a monthly/yearly fee?

NO! A great thing about being a rep for Zyia is that we don’t keep inventory! Instead customers (or you) place orders through your personalized Rep Website, and they ship from our warehouse in Sandy, Utah. No running to the post office... ever!

Do reps keep inventory?

While you cannot choose what items come in your kit (newsflash...you will love everything!), the sizes are customized to you free of charge. You can obviously customize anything you purchase with your gift card.

Can the starter kits be customized?


Your personalized rep website is only $15/month in the US or $21 in Canada. However, the first two months are free with the purchase of your kit.  And the fee is waived if you sell $600 USD or $840 CDN in a month! 🎉

How much is the website?

As a rep you can run your business how you want! Which means you get to choose how/where you sell. Reps can sell at vendor events, on social media accounts, at in-home or Facebook parties, or even out of their house!

Where can Reps sell?

Commissions are paid based on sales placed through the rep's personal website. Commission percentages are between 20-33% of sales depending on your rank in the company! If you choose to build a team, you will make commissions on their sales as well.

How do reps make commission?

How you choose to sell is entirely up to you and varies from rep to rep. Most reps choose to market and sell online using Facebook or Instagram to promote. Reps can also choose to host parties or participate in in-person events like vendor shows and expos to generate sales. The more avenues you use to sell, the more successful you'll be but it is entirely up to you how you choose to run your business. You're the boss - you decide how to run your business!

How do I make sales?

Absolutely!! This business is built around women supporting women, and team building is part of it! While building a team is NOT mandatory, it is the more lucrative way to go!

Can I build a team?

Reps must be 18 years of age to enroll on their own. Young adults between 16-17 years old can also join ZYIA with parental consent.

Is there an age requirement to join ZYIA?

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