There are so many ways to share this business. Some of you will have a large social following and can post a link and get business right away. Some will love to host events either in person or online. These, especially online, can be a great way to reach an entirely new audience from all over since they are done virtually. My preference is networking and I love being a part of several online groups, along with some in my city where I can go and share the clothes in person. With all of these options, you need to do what suits you and your personality for it to be successful. If you don't like doing something it will be apparent to those who are following you. 

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How to Set Up a Facebook Event + VIP Page

Facebook is one of the easiest and most efficient way to do online events. It is fairly good for organization and communication with those part of the page and event. You should use whatever platform you are more comfortable with and that your friends/contacts are on.  Facebook is a great way to manage a VIP page to add customers or potential customers to and share new releases, restocks, discounts, and other valuable details about the brand. If you do a launch event on Facebook, you can then turn it into your VIP page after it is over.

Here is the step-by-step guide to setting one up.

How to Set up a Facebook Event

  1. Go to your Zyia Facebook Business Page and hit More from the list under the main image, and then hit Groups. NOTE: if you need to set up a Business Page, do that first--go to Pages under Home and create new Page, and make it a Shopping/Retail Page (watch this video for how to do this as well).
  2. Hit Create Linked Group
  3. Name the Group the Party Name: Julie’s Online Summer Zyia Party and chose Public for privacy. Hit create.
  4. Add a photo to the top image—try to make it something that represents the host and his/her taste 
  5. Go to Settings on the left hand side toward the bottom.
  6. Hit Name and Description and edit. Suggested copy: ZYIA Active is an active lifestyle brand. It is also a culture that believes in embracing activity with excitement, vigor, and delight. We feel that pushing your body and mind is easier and more fun with friends and family. The clothes are durable, comfortable, sexy, trendy, and well-priced. There are women, men, and children/teen lines and new items launch every Wednesday! So, who’s ready to look cute in your activewear clothes? Shop at any time at xx. Add the party link from your Zyia backend and hit save.
  7. Edit website address, making it something with the hostess name and Zyia: /julieszyia2021party and hit save.
  8. You can choose a background color. This appears on iphones and ipads.
  9. Add APPs (if using): add Cinchshare and/or OneStream
  10. Go to members on home page and next to the “invite” box is your Business Page photo and a drop down. Hit the drop down, and choose your personal page on how to interact. Then hit the “join group” button. Hit the drop down arrow again, and choose your Business page to interact with. Accept the request for you to join the group. Then make your personal page an admin and then toggle back to your Personal Page and accept the admin role. 
  11. Send the hostess the page to accept when you are ready for them to start inviting friends, and once they accept make them an admin.

Tip: if you don’t care who is your Facebook friend, add everyone attending a party as your friend. That way you can send a message and they will get it and most likely respond. Also “send reminders” to anyone who was invited but have not accepted yet.

Using Cinchshare

Using Cinchshare templates with your Facebook parties is an easy way to run your parties and is highly recommended if you are doing a few parties a month or more. The first two months are free, and then it costs $10 a month. Using Cinchshare allows you the freedom of not having to post all day or be a slave to your parties. Once you use it, you can then just check into your party a few times a day. Sign Up here using ZYIATEAM promo code!

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