Welcome to Team Zyia Angels! We are excited about you being part of this team and cannot wait to help you launch your business. Before you meet one-on-one with your sponsor/upline, we ask that you do the following items so you're ready to fully launch your business! Please go week by week below and watch the video and do the items listed. After doing so you'll be ready for a successful launch!

Launch your business

it's go time!

STEP ONE: Set Up Your Back Office
Log Into Your Back Office, Learn Basics, and Set Up Website Name

Week one: How to Launch

These are the key things to do before you start your business:

STEP TWO: Set Up Your Own Shopping Event Link 
You not only earn commission on all sales, you can earn hostess rewards to get free and half-off clothes!
STEP THREE: Set Up A Customer Service Account
Set Up an Account with Zyia’s Customer Service Portal for when you need to submit a ticket and get help.
STEP FOUR: Use Your $100 Gift Card
If you are ready to use your $100 gift card from your Starter Kit, you can do that as well

Now it's time for the fun part! Time to announce your business. The key is to not hold back. It's amazing how many people have still not heard of this brand, and if they have they are often fanatics and want more. Once they learn you're selling it, they will want to support you and learn more. You don't need to know everything or do things perfectly! Just share and start helping people around you look and feel amazing.

Week Two: Promote Your New Business

STEP TWO: Set Up Facebook Business Page

Even if you don't want to do a lot on Facebook, it is a great platform to have an online launch event along with any other events you host. This launch group can then become your VIP page to post sales, New Releases, and other fun things you want to share with this private community. This can also be done on Instagram, although it's harder to have a private “community” feel as you do on Facebook.

STEP ONE: Announce Your Business

STEP ONE: Host Your Launch Party
Host Your Launch Party! Once done, turn the Facebook Page into your VIP page.

WEEK THREE: Let's Party and Get Official

Team Zyia Angels Facebook Page

STEP TWO: Get Organized! 
Get Organized and connected with the Team:
Bookmark and Use this Team Website 
Join our Team Facebook Page
Get added to our Team Facebook Messenger Groups and follow the rules
Set a schedule for your business and try to have a Power Hour every day

Week Four: Establishing your business

STEP ONE: Create Your Why for
Your Zyia Business

If you don't have a strong “why” for doing this business, it will not be a priority for you. We encourage you to write out a Why Statement and post somewhere you can see it daily.

STEP TWO: Set Goals! 
Set goals (financial and advancement) and share with your sponsor/upline. Just like a Why Statement, if you don't have goals you will have nothing to aim for…and chances are you won't accomplish what you want. 

Keys to success when Launching your business