You will want to be constantly growing your business--either with new customers or with other team members that want to run a business with you. In order to do this, you will need to do some key things to grow your business. It is important to make time for these tasks and make them a priority. Without new contacts and new ways to connect with people, your business will struggle to grow.

GROW your business

let's do the work to grow

For reaching out to share this business (purchasing clothes, hosting parties, or joining your team), you will need a list. The best way to create a list is to do it in categories. Here are the categories we recommend using:

  • Customers: Who has purchased from you in the past? These people would most likely want to get more clothes after they try it so they would be natural people to host parties or even join your team.
  • Besties: Who would love these clothes like you do? Who would you love to do this business with you?
  • Fun People: Who just have fun at everything they do? Who would be great at having a party or being a rep?
  • Business Savvy: Who are BOSS at everything they do? Who do you know who has a full-time job, three kids, workouts everyday, and can handle anything they do seamlessly?
  • Financial Blessings: Who might want free and discounted clothes? Who needs to earn some extra money? 
  • Community and Friendship: Who seems lonely or just needs an outlet to connect with more people?
  • Influencers: Who already has an audience on social media and are great at sharing themselves to the world? *Be careful with this one. If they are getting paid already from selling online, they might expect free stuff or to get paid to promote Zyia. It's best to concentrate on people who are not getting paid for sharing, but just are great at social media.

Where you can get lists from:

  • Phone Contacts
  • Facebook + Instagram Friends
  • Directories, Membership Groups, Clubs


Download this Guide to Make a List

Download this Guide for Help with What to Say

Keys to GROWING your business

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