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We have often been called "a lot" and we are ok with that. Because the truth of the matter is...we are! God blessed us with so many gifts and resources and it's our goal to share them with you! If these resources can help you like they have helped us, then we've accomplished our goal with Sipindipity, LLC. Ultimately, we want to help entrepreneurs stand out through playful, fun, and creative products and services. We also just want to help others become their best selves and live the life of their dreams--the one God intended.

More-dipity is a place where we will share other things that have helped us, in hopes they will help you too. If you have something you would love to see on the site or you have a suggestion for something to feature, we are all ears! So bookmark this page for reference, come back often, and share any and all of your favorite things with us so we can all grow and become better together.


"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

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