June 13, 2013

Dear Dad:

First of all, it has been some time since I wrote my last post. And, it was a damn good post. AND I have had a lot going on. Leaving a high-profile job was what some have called “ballsy” but the risk has paid off a million times over. Don’t get me wrong. It was hard leaving an organization that I built from the ground up, in my house, with most of my equipment and resources. The hours, the time, the money I put into the Festival was enormous but leaving it made me realize a lot of important things. One of which is who your friends really are.

What surprised me the most is who all were not just friends, but major supporters. The letters and calls from chefs from all over was overwhelming. Nico Romo’s email was one of the most touching and he and other Charleston chefs over and over said things like “I wish I had told you before how much we appreciated what you did.” I cried reading these and never knew the extent over how many people I really did help along the way.

One of my favorite calls was from Rathead. Here is someone who I don’t know super well, but well enough to love and adore him (and his wife). He called soon after to say he was first bummed that I was leaving but on the other hand was excited for me–we now could go out all night during the Festival and then best of all I could SLEEP IN! Amen to that!

Then there were the media. People who I have developed friendships with all of my career and ones I will probably work with the closest with my new business. They all were great, even those I was worried might run the other way when I reached out, since I was now part of the “dark side.” Not naming names, but the opposite has actually happened and so many of them have called and emailed me excited about the new venture and sharing their support.

My “out of the office” friends and family have all been amazing. You have supported my efforts, been my biggest cheerleaders and have helped take care of my boys during all the trips and late nights I have had while building the business.

Wow, and the clients. I love each of you so much and am beyond thrilled that I found a mix of people who fit perfect with Home Team’s philosophy and personality. I can swear, drink and say whatever the hell I want around you and it makes my days go by fast as I enjoy every single minute.

I appreciate all the calls and emails I got from those who really did not know me well and that I never really spent much time with. The volunteers, the community leaders, the people who I always looked up to over the years. Each note has meant the world.

But as I expected there are some that showed their true colors and even though I thought our relationships were real and deep, now that I am not in a position to help them, I am no longer a person they need in their lives. Most of these so-called friends are ones that I can write off as “part of that chapter” and I am glad I know who is and who is not real friends.

So to the people who love me, that support me and have done all they can to be a true friend, thank you. I will always be the same for you and can’t wait to share this new chapter together.


  1. robert carter says:

    Yeah!!..she said it…Angel, welcome to the liberating family of knowing who your friends are…my favorite quote of yours…they were”part of that chapter” I love it and wish you the best in your new chapter…if I can ever assist you please do not hesitate to ask.

  2. Ernie Passailaigue says:

    We love and support you.
    Dad and GiGi

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