November 20, 2012

Dear Dad:

What a more appropriate time than this week to let you know what I am really thankful for. Well besides the normal things in life–kids, family, friends, killer job, awesome life, etc. I am super thankful for all of the people who probably never get thanked.

If you don’t know it already, I have a huge heart for those people who work behind-the-scenes thankless jobs. Yes you know them but many just walk past them without blinking an eye or saying a thing. These are the people who do the disgusting jobs, the jobs that require you work horrendous hours and who sacrifice so much that others take for granted daily. Yes I am talking about the guy I drove past at 7:00AM in the Snyder truck that was going to pick up the rentals from the night before. They are the cooks and chefs that stay in the kitchen, they are those cleaning up the trash as people lavishly consume at a holiday function. They are the dishwashers, the driver of a shuttle, the crew laying out pipe and drape. They are people like Eric and Patrick at PDA. Most people would never meet them but they are some of my all time favorites. Without them, the events or experiences you enjoy the most would not look or sound so good.

It is upsetting to me when people disregard those who work these jobs. And worse, treat them like they are better than they are. These people to me are some of the greatest people around. They are my friends, my colleagues, and sometimes my family! That is why the first thing I do when I go to an event is not go to the bar or find the food station. I look around and find the “crew”, say my hellos and get excited to know they are with me for the night. And even though my job requires me to spend the majority of time in front, welcoming and celebrating with others (which I love to do as well) most days I would prefer being in the backup spaces, catching up with my friends, thanking them for what they do and helping them with their jobs.

I know that if anyone knows this better than me, it is you. You raised me to be thankful, giving and loving to all no matter what they do, what they have or who they are. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your love for people, especially the people in the background, because they are some of the most amazing people around. People like Arnold at Hospitality Staff. No matter what he is doing–cleaning up trash, serving you a beer, welcoming you to an event–he does it with the biggest smile and spirit and makes your day that much brighter.

So this thanksgiving, I thank all of those who probably have not been thanked all day, who are probably working away. What you do amazes me and the world is a better place with you a part of it.


  1. Ernie Passailaigue says:

    Amen, could not have said it better!

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