September 8, 2012

Dear Dad:

I am probably not alone when I say I am really sick of politics right about now. And, please take this as no insult, Mr. Past Politician. But always around this time of year I get so tired of the bashing, the insulting, the “I’m better than the other guy promising the exact same thing.” So what am I doing. Writing about it. Because amongst all of the negativity and craziness of elections, I have to admit that politics has had and still has a huge impact on my life.

Yes, I know rule #1 is to not ever talk about politics but I can’t help it…it is in my blood. Being raised by you Mr. Senator, Honorable Ernie Passailaigue, made me love politics. You showed me the good. You showed me why to be a “public servant”,  which despite what anyone says or knows, is the true definition of most politicians. Sure there is a paycheck but that amount of sacrifices and long hours is not worth the amount any check can give. You were the ultimate politician. You cared, went door-to-door because you wanted to hear what people wanted and needed. You called people back no matter what time of day or night. You helped people with any and all causes. I was always at awe of your dedication and love for your constituents, your district, your city and your state. If only all politicians could be like you.

And a lot are! Being raised the way I was by who I was made lots of doors open. I met several who were in the state legislator and they were all like you. Thank goodness…there are some great people running our state (and our country). Even though there are people in it for the wrong reasons like personal gain, there are a handful that were just “sick of” issues and wanted to make a difference. Both Democrats and Republicans. I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many great politicians and they have all done a lot great things to make the place I live better. And that is what politics is all about.

I love being a mix of both a Democrat and a Republican. I don’t consider myself green or independent, but I find myself supporting the best person as I see it. That is the beauty of politics. You have a choice and you can “vote” for people who you feel is the best candidate. Why the majority of people don’t care, don’t vote and don’t get involved baffles me. EVERYONE should vote, no matter which way they want to.

So I guess I am writing this to thank you for getting me involved in the process, system or whatever you want to call it at an early age. I loved going door-to-door, loved meeting the people and hearing their stories. I loved going into people like Jean and Bennett Helms house and being offered cookies while they shared their stories of Charleston past, present and future. I loved the BBQ picnics, the gospel services, the donors and best of all the polls on election day. It was all incredible and something I will never forget or stop doing.

I have always wished I could be a politician (even though my job is very political). I guess I am a little selfish and want to spend the time in my own way. I also hate that we have gotten ultra consumed by people’s deep personal issues and/or past instead of what they do day in and day out. Bring on the debates, please be true to what you say and thank you for serving, but keep it clean and positive and focus on hope and the future.

And now after re-reading this I might become a speech writer (another dream I had and maybe another blog). But what I promise, thanks to you and your dedication, is that I will always give back to the place I live, to my family and friends and to the beliefs I have.



  1. Ex but always Brother in Law says:

    I will never forget driving with the Senator as he would take calls from his constituents complaining of a neighbors abandoned car in the yard. Always respectful. Always helpful. Always the way a person of the people should act. We are very lucky to experience politics in its pure form. Of the people, for the people.

  2. Dan Doyle says:

    Very impressive Angel!

  3. Jacques Passailaigue says:

    Great perspective

  4. Ernie Passailaigue says:

    Thanks for bringing back a lot of great memories, including those of you and the rest of my wonderful family.

  5. Nice job, Angel. I was a political science major in college and love the art and science of the system. But currently, it is rare that you can have a good discussion, especially on Facebook. Some people post such ugly things. This was refreshing.

  6. Karen Rush says:

    As the wife of a former politician in Australia, I appreciate and endorse every word you have written. Every word. Thank you.

  7. jimmy bailey says:

    i relived june 1988 when i read this– i still say you were the differnce for us at moultrie playground
    jimmy bailey

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