July 28, 2012

Dear Dad:

This is one thing we never did together and I wish we had. It has to be one of my all time favorite things to do.

But then part of me is glad we did not. It is one of the things that my mom and I have in common. She actually introduced me to camping. At an early age, she was traveling around the US from campground to campground. Some of those trips, I was a part and some I was not. The ones I was, I loved. The regulars, the social activities and the really bad vegan food.

Now I am officially addicted. I have always enjoyed it. I have had some of our best adventures in a tent, especially when it was perched along a beach. I’ve traveled the entire Florida east coast in a tent.

Having two boys, it is only appropriate and expected to camp out. Most of our trips have been to a nearby campground but they still provide the same experiences as farther away.

So here is my top ten+ favorite things I really dig about camping–things that make me long for the next time we go:

1. There are so many serious campers out there. I would say 9 out of 10 are pretty hard core.
2. You are official if you have a sign with your name and all the kids listed on it. Carved out of wood is best.
3. It’s a good time to break out the college football gear. And I am talking tents, chairs, macked out golf carts, flags, tshirts. You name it, you see it.
4. The bathrooms/showers, enough said.
5. Becoming a gourmet camping chef and experimenting more than normal with hand made measuring tools.
6. The daily activities, including trail hikes, tie die making, ice cream socials, game nights and best of all pancake breakfast.
7. Meeting people at those events.
8. Trying to get your kids to sleep.
9. Having your birthday/Christmas list full of camping needs including tents, toilets, showers and more.
10. S’mores. And the mess they make.

11. Dee Jaying by the camp fire.
12. Smelling like camp fire.
13. Sleeping on a half inflated mattress.
14. Having to use the bathroom
15. The animals and bugs.
16. The picnic table.
17. rain
18. Best of all, the memories.

Camping as we type,


  1. Ernie Passailaigue says:

    Looks like a great time, glad you discovered ‘camping’. How about something along that theme for your birthday?

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