June 9, 2012

Dear Dad:

Ok this topic, weddings, I am not sure is an inspiration, it is just a good one for the books. During an interview this week with an event planner, I started talking about weddings and could not help but have flash backs. Not about mine necessarily, but all of the other ones I have been privileged to attend. Or should I say to the ones I have had the pleasure to enjoy, drink and make the ultimate fool of myself at. Weddings have to be some of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. And think about it, who does not love a good wedding.

Weddings for the most part bring out the best in people. Everyone loves a good wedding to get dressed up for. The best are the weddings that you love/have a connection with the people who are actually getting married. At most of those weddings, you have things in common–the band, the food, the place. It all comes together. My favorite wedding of all time for the full experience was Anne Byrd and Matt Hamnett’s. It was on Annie’s parent’s Bluffton summer-house on the marsh. The weekend started with an informal oyster roast, went into a beautiful bridal luncheon and then ended with an amazing three-part celebration with gospel singers, celebrity styled tents and food by talented chefs like John Zucker and Mike Lata. The fireworks and sparkly light exit was one that will remain in my mind forever.

One of the funnest weddings I have been to was Matt and Kristen McKeown’s. Matt knowing my weaknesses convinced me to do my unpolished version of a recital dance to Kayne West in front of everyone. I am pretty sure there is still a video. And I seemed (of what I recall) to have a really, really fun time. Updog!

Weddings make you smile, cry, laugh, slow dance, and just enjoy the moment. You celebrate the good, the potential and what is to come. I love the service and always am intrege by what the party selects for their vows and readings. I love the music selected to march down the aisle, the nervous children carrying the rings and flowers and the proud moms, dads and hopefully grandparents relishing in the moment.

But let’s get to the really good stuff. People are just plain crazy at weddings. It is one of the times you have an excuse to be stupid and drink as much as your heart contends. You dance when you don’t dance, you hang out and act like best friends people you hardly know and you just have the time of your life.

I have been part of several weddings including my own and they have all been crazy, wonderful, memorable times. Strutting to a Barry White song, drawing a prayer flag for a quilt or dancing to the drumming of Sunny Ortiz of Widespread Panic…you name it, I have experienced it. And I am glad I did. Weddings have got to be some of the best places for stories, memories and times I will never forget.

Here’s to a lifetime of fun and amazingly fun weddings!


  1. Ernie Passailaigue says:

    GiGi and I are ready to go back!

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