May 30, 2012

Dear Dad:

Ok, I know this sounds like a generic topic, but it is going to be anything but. What inspires me is similar to my taste in friends, places to eat, what shows I watch, who I find cute, etc….it is all over the place. I am inspired by it all!

More specifically, I am inspired by:

  1. Even though I am a Bravo junkie, I really live for shows and documentaries that make you think. 60 minutes does a great job a lot of the times with this and so does CBS Sunday Morning. The one film that I think about over and over again is the series Spike Lee did on Hurricane Katrina for HBO. I must have watch those films over and over and each time I cried, and then cursed out the leadership of our country. How dare they! I also love commentary by people like the late Andy Rooney. Andy was a master at making you listen and agreeing to every word even when you didn’t want to. I love people and shows that make you think.
  2. The outdoors has a very special place in my heart. I would live in a tent if I could and travel around as much as possible. I would love to wake up each day to a new environment and go outside and look up. Because it is all about looking up! The beach, the woods, the mountains, the sea…it all has a place in life and provides so much inspiration.
  3. I love to shop and believe it or not it inspires me. Every time I go to buy a cute new top or dress, I get pumped up about a new project where I can be creative or the next great event where I can style out my new purchase. I wish I had an unlimited account just to shop because it always fills the soul in so many good ways.
  4. Music is the key to life. I could dance my day off and love to listen to a range of good tunes. There is NOTHING like a live music show and I can pretty much go see anyone and jam out. I love the profession and am inspired by anyone who spends their life belting out a good tune.
  5. Good people are a huge inspiration. Those are the people who have no motives, who love you and love life. They listen and are interested in others. They are caring and want to do the best in life. They are givers and would do anything to care for others. I would love to be surrounded by selfless, loving, amazing people…please make more of them.
  6. Bad ass women are pretty inspiring. I have been fortunate to work for so many of them over the years. Most of my bosses have been women and they always amaze me with their courage and determination to be the best they can be. They help mold and guide me and I am fortunate to have so many of them as mentors!
  7. People who love what they do, and you know who you are, rock! I love those who have the passion I do and are not afraid to show and grow it. They give everything to what they have and want to give even more because it is who they are!
  8. Writers are pretty incredible and inspiring. Communicating in the form of a pen and paper is up there for remarkable and I live to read and read about all of the amazing journeys and experiences others have.
  9. My kids have to be some of the biggest inspiration I have. It is amazing to see them grow, to be so excited about life and new adventures, to be willing to take risks, and to be so loving. Their innocence is contagious and their spirit lives inside me every day.
  10. I am not going to lie, Johnny Depp inspires me.

Here’s to being inspired each and every day!


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