May 10, 2012

Dear Dad:

Don’t get me wrong, I have had a complete life for some time. But there are two friends/people/colleagues that have come into my world and rocked it…in a good way. Randi Weinstein and Sara Donahue are a dangerous duo. They came into my world about the same time and I hope they remain in it forever.

If you are not aware of who they are and what they mean to me, let me elaborate a little:

Randi and Sara are what I call my right hand and left hand team (my thunder and lighting). I have others that fit the role as well, but they are a machine and have been working with me the longest. They are two of the most powerful players involved in the Festival and work harder than most people I ever meet. They are also total opposites but then one and the same.

Randi, who most everyone in Charleston knows, is amazing. She is hard-working, dedicated, caring and a get it done kind of person. She started working at the Festival the second year pretty much as a volunteer/staff member and whipped it into shape. Unfortunately for her, year two was the most challenging one to date, but she stayed with it and kept on me until I finally hired her full-time. I wish I had found her earlier in life, but I was glad when she finally came on full force. I love Randi’s directness and honesty and I love that on most occasions we are on the same wavelength. We just get each other. She has been a mentor and friend to me and really has helped me through some rough times. She takes care of me when I need it and makes sure I keep it straight…thank God for that.

Sara is what I call a secret weapon. She is one of the smartest, creative and cleaver people around. She is mature way beyond her years and really blows me away each and every day. When asked by people what she does, she should reply “what don’t I do”. There is never a task she cannot conquer or a person she cannot manage. She is smooth and calm and really someone I admire and respect greatly. She is someone I can hang with and look forward to many more adventures together.

So now you know when I am congratulated on the success of the Festival and I say “it’s not me” some of the reasons why that is. There are others on the team that are equally amazing (Austin, Zach and Ashley and I will share about them later) but as these two and I head out on another food tour (10 days at that), I wanted to reflect on why I am so lucky to have them around.


p.s. Thought of the day, If lost, please keep for 24 hours.

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